Frequently asked questions when buying a smartphone

A smartphone is a technology that has gone far into developing the mobile and connectivity sector. A smartphone can do almost everything that a computer can do. There are various types and versions of smartphones. But there is some common aspect of smartphone that is similar to every kind of a smartphone. This is the aspect that a buyer will always inquire before buying a smartphone.

What is the year of manufacture?

dssfsdfsdfsdfgfhThe year of manufacture is a frequently asked question when buying a smartphone. One wants to be sure of the date of manufacture of a smartphone. The year of manufacture has several influences on the model and the strength of a smartphone. One wants to be sure whether the phone has been laying behind the shelves of the shop for long. The current technology advances see a new development every day and night. Some features are added to a phone as the make is modified. One wants to be sure that the phone was manufactured at the resent time possible.

What is the memory capacity of the phone?

There are three types of memory that a customer will want to be sure of their capacity. The internal memory, the external memory, and the random access memory. The internal memory is the amount of data that a phone can hold permanently without the addition of other storage space. This storage capacity is basically the capacity of the phone’s hard disk. The hard disk is stored in the motherboard.

The external storage capacity is the capacity that a phone can allow in term of a memory card. A good phone should allow an infinite amount of external storage. Random access memory is the amount of data that a phone can hold temporally after there is a power shortage. A large amount of RAM allows the phone to switch between apps quickly and reduce the tendency of a phone hanging.

What is the cost of the phone?

dfgdsfsdfsdfsdfsdfdsfdsfAll buyer will want to know about the price of a phone. Every buyer is rational. This means that he intends to spend the least amount of money and other resources he can. On the other hand, the buyer aims at getting the best phone on the market. When a buyer heads to the market, the most of the times, have a preformed mind on the amount of money he wants to spend on the phone. A phone that corresponds his budget is likely to be bought on the spot. A buyer will also want to know whether the seller can allow credit purchase or hire purchase.

Does the phone have a Warranty?

A warranty is a commitment by the seller that in case of any instance of the phone malfunctioning or mechanical failure, the cost of repairing the phone will be met by the seller. This is an assurance that the seller sells genuine commodities. A buyer will always want to know the availability and the durability of the phone’s warranty. In most cases, the warranty must exceed two years. A buyer will also want to know and understand the term and condition of the warranty.